pallet racking

We have pallet racking storage, accommodating over 600 standard pallets

bulk storage areas

There are designated bulk storage areas for non-palletised items

in house distribution

We can arrange your transport in house to UK or International locations

order fulfillment

We offer pick & pack and order fulfillment services for parcels and pallets

cross docking

We offer wms cross docking services for containers and trailers

warehouse storage and distribution


Are you looking for competitively priced warehouse storage? Do you want to find a warehouse storage business that will provide you with a reliable service, safely store you goods and not invoice you with a mass of hidden surcharges? 

You've come to the right place!

Freight Negotiate Ltd is able to offer UK and International customers warehouse services in its independent & privately owned warehouse located in Banks, Lancashire.

The warehouse is located just 20 miles away from Liverpool Port and Rail Terminal, with excellent access to major motorways.

We can offer and all-in-one package in house, from storage to product handling and arranging UK and International transportation.

For cheap pallet storage solutions, we can offer you dedicated space within our warehouse pallet racking system holding in excess of 600 standard sized pallets.

Our warehouse racking varies in heights from three tiers up to five tiers and consists of heavy duty pallet racking beams capable of holding 3 tonnes in each bay.

Alternatively, for non palletised cargo we can offer dedicated space in our warehouse bulk storage areas. Bulk storage is mostly used for tyres, large bags of various commodities, wood, fabricated items. Many of our regular customers use our site as a food distribution warehouse however we can accommodate all types of cargo.

Pallet storage

Freight Negotiate Ltd has two types of pallet storage options: 

  • Short term warehouse pallet storage 

  • Long term warehouse pallet storage

You may wish to utilise our warehouse for a day or two, we can offer RH&D rates for single pallets through to full loads for quick turn around goods.

Our warehouse pallet racking has been professionally installed by a local pallet racking supplier in Lancashire, the bays hold 3 tonne each and vary in tiers on each aisle.

We are able to offer cheap pallet storage solutions to our customers due to our handy location, situated just on the outskirts of all the hustle and bustle but still a stones throw away from Liverpool Sea Port, Rail Terminal and major motorways.

bulk storage

We have areas within our warehouse that are dedicated to bulk storage of various commodities. These areas are kept clean and well organised avoiding any cross contamination of various products.

The company offers exceptional rates, proving to be one of the most competitive warehouse storage companies in the UK.

There is a range of equipment on site to enable safe loading, unloading and handling of various sized and shaped products.

In house distribution

The beauty of our company owning its own warehouse is that all of our operations are performed in-house, successfully managing your products from start to finish. Our warehousing and distribution service will by far exceed our expectations in terms of customer service, flexibility and ability to fulfill your requirements in short time frames.

We can arrange storage and distribution and minimal prices using our own trucks or sub contractors.

Types of in-house distribution services we offer:

  • Road haulage services throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe - Full Loads, part loads, groupage and pallet distribution via various networks

  • Air freight services, serving all major airports worldwide

  • Sea freight services, serving all major ports worldwide (both short sea and deep sea options available)

  • Courier services, serving worldwide with our various courier accounts: TNT, DHL, DPD, UK Mail and more

cross docking distribution

Cross docking services are used by companies who wish to offload trailers or containers at our site and reload them into alternative trailers or containers.

The process is commonly used for import or export, examples of which our services are used for are below:

  • Inbound delivery received - full container load, goods are offloaded and re-loaded into separate vehicles for direct delivery to the end users.

  • Inbound deliveries received from multiple trucks, goods are offloaded and consolidated into a container for export

  • Inbound delivery received - full container load, goods are offloaded and re-loaded into a trailer for delivery to a wholesaler

Cross docking requires little or no storage, we can accommodate either and are flexible with customer requirements.

Save money on the distribution of your cargo by utilising our cross docking services, contact for further information.

pick & pack fulfillment / order fulfillment

These services are common with online businesses requiring e-fulfillment, for example shopify customers may wish to outsource their storage and distribution to a warehouse fulfillment centre so they can focus on the sales and marketing.

Our fulfillment services come with complete transparency of stock inventory, goods in, goods out, product tracking and history via our WMS (warehouse management system) in which all customers have access to their very own private portal.

Order fulfillment costs vary depending on a variety of factors such however we pride ourselves on providing a quality service as one of the most competitively priced warehouse fulfillment centres in the UK.

Generally orders are transferred to fulfillment via EDI or alternatively via email, once received by our warehouse the products are picked from stock and packed accordingly per the customers request. These goods are then moved to goods out in which transport is then arranged and tracking details are updated within the system.

Our pick and pack / order fulfillment services are available for all customs, whether you are looking for small business order fulfillment, supply chain order fulfillment or dropshipping fulfillment, get in touch with us to retrieve your rates online today.

Questions & answers:

Q: Do you have a fulfillment centre near me?

A: Our privately owned warehouse is based in Banks, Lancashire however we do have third party partners that could assist you in your area.

Q: Do you provide apparel warehousing and distribution?

A: Yes, we accommodate all types of commodities. Our warehouse is a secure unit, supervised 24hr with security gates, CCTV and intruder alarms throughout.

Q: Do you store food products as we are looking for a new food distribution warehouse?

A: Yes we do however our warehouse is not temperature controlled.

Q: Are you able to store euro pallets in your racking?

A: We can, our racking can accommodate both Euro and Standard pallets.