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Image by Barrett Ward


The company was initially formed in April 2015 as an online marketplace for freight forwarding.

Although the software, created and produced by current company owner Alexandra Ferguson, was a success, the model did not suit certain UK businesses with high volume shipping requirements, it was at this point our in-house freight forwarder services began.

By 2017 Freight Negotiate had assumed a reputable position within freight industry, enrolling multiple services such as ocean, road and air freight shipping, alongside outsourced warehousing with approved 3PL companies.

In January 2020, the company had opened it's first distribution centre in Banks, Lancashire, transferring previously outsourced clientele business in-house, along with new contracts.

In less than 6 months, the 9,800 sq ft warehouse had quickly reached full capacity, fast forward 6 months, the company was ready to embark on to it's next adventure.

October 2021, Freight Negotiate picked up the keys to a new warehouse unit in Skelmersdale, more than doubling it's capacity to 21,915 sq ft and further expanding the workforce.

Our focus has always been on our customers, ensuring that we have the means to allow our customers to further grow and ensuring they receive a superior level of customer service.

Our small team enables our company to provide a well tailored service to each individual customer, establishing and maintaining a relationship built on trust, dependence and honesty.


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