pallet racking

We have pallet racking storage, accommodating over 600 standard pallets

bulk storage areas

There are designated bulk storage areas for non-palletised items

in house distribution

We can arrange your transport in house to UK or International locations

order fulfillment

We offer pick & pack and order fulfillment services for parcels and pallets

cross docking

We offer wms cross docking services for containers and trailers

BULK storage


There are many bulk storage facilities in the United Kingdom, most of which offering similar services at different prices, so what makes us different?

  • We are an independent freight company with our own private warehousing facility situated just 20 miles from Liverpool Port and Rail Terminal and closely located to major motorways. Our positioning is perfect as we are easily accessible for UK distribution.

  • We can offer some of the most competitive storage rates on the market.

  • Our pallet storage system consists of different bay heights to accommodate a variety of pallet sizes. 

  • The warehouse racking system is carefully managed within our WMS (warehouse management system), ensuing your products are stored and distributed efficiently without any errors.

  • Our strong, industrial pallet racking can accommodate 3 tonnes per bay.

  • We do not over allocate work thus meaning our warehouse team are not thinly spread amongst contract, minimising risk of human error.

  • Our working hours are flexible and tailored to meet your requirements.

  • We offer a wide range of warehouse logistics services and transport solutions.

  • You have access to your inventory online at all times for complete stock control.

Bulk Storage Area

short term warehouse bulk storage

Temporary warehousing or short term warehousing is ideal for companies that often have

seasonal fluctuations in demand. Finding a warehouse to rent to accommodate these 

demands can be costly and a drain on your resources.

Our short term storage solutions can be used on a rolling week by week basis or rolling month by month basis. You may even find that you only need storage for several days, regardless of the length of contract you require we can accommodate all with storage pay as you go options available

long term warehouse bulk storage

Looking for secure long term bulk warehouse storage for your products? You've come to the right place. 

Our company can offer long term bulk storage contracts and will only ever invoice you per your quotation... No hidden costs or expenses.

The warehouse is secured by outdoor gates, CCTV, Alarm System and the site is manned 24hr meaning you can place your goods in our warehouse for as long as you like without the worry of your product security.